Titles & Synopsis for Episodes 13-16 – The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5 finale is approaching, and with that the titles and synopsis for all remaining episodes have been revealed. SpoilerTV recently announced the titles and overviews for Episodes 13, 14, 15 and 16 of The Walking Dead Season 5. Check them out below: Continue reading

Leaked Details for Episode 12 ‘Remember’ – The Walking Dead Spoilers


Warning: spoilers for the next episode of The Walking Dead below. You have been warned!

Another week, another round of spoilers from The Spoiling Dead Fans! Below is a detailed explanation of the things to come in Episode 12 ‘Remember’, set to premiere on Sunday, March 1 at 9PM EST on AMC. Check them out below and let us know what you think. I think it puts to rest many fan theories regarding the Alexandria Safe Zone and its inhabitants. Continue reading

Is Alexandria All It’s Cracked Up to Be? [Op-Ed]


Ryan Smith, one of the hosts of The Walking Dead Enthusiast’s podcast, weighs in with his thoughts regarding the Alexandria Safe Zone. Warning: spoilers for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead.

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled ‘The Distance’, we see Rick and the gang trying to trust Aaron in the hope they can finally find a place to settle down. Throughout the episode, we see the group traveling to what we later find out to be the community of Alexandria, or the “Alexandria Safe Zone” as we know it from the comic books. But is this town the real Alexandria Safe Zone?

It is said a couple times in the episode by Aaron that the group has to be “accepted” into the community but what we don’t hear is what they have to do in order to be accepted. Aaron presents Rick and Co. with several different pictures of the camp but without any people in the pictures as pointed out by Michonne. Originally I thought this was to hide the identities of the people of Alexandria, but now I believe they are pictures of a dummy site that the gang arrives in at the end of this week’s episode. Continue reading

Promo for Ep. 12 ‘Remember’ Shows Life in the Alexandria Safe Zone

Warning: spoilers for future episodes of The Walking Dead Season 5 below. Shield your eyes now!

South Africa did The Walking Dead fandom a solid the other day when they accidentally released the promo video for Episode 12 of The Walking Dead over a week before it’s set to air in the United States. In what we are assuming was an accident, Fox International in South Africa ran the promo video for ‘Remember’ instead of ‘The Distance’.

In the video, fans get a taste of the things to come a little later in Season 5; including our very first glimpses at life in the Alexandria Safe Zone. This video also helps to put to bed the rumors of Glenn getting bitten and killed in Episode 11, since we see him alive and quite well in the ASZ. Check out the video below: Continue reading

Leaked Episode Details for Ep. 11 ‘The Distance’


It’s only but a few days until the next episode of The Walking Dead airs on AMC. But for those of you who can’t wait, The Spoiling Dead Fans have come through again with major details regarding Episode 11 ‘The Distance.”

Warning: this is pretty much the entire blow by blow of the episode, so turn back now if you don’t want to be spoiled for the next episode. Still here? Good. Read on to find out what’s going to happen in the next episode of The Walking Dead: Continue reading

Why is Baby Judith STILL Alive? Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd Weighs In


Warning: comic book spoilers for The Walking Dead. If you plan to read the series, turn back now!

One of the biggest questions baffling diehard fans of The Walking Dead comic and television series is why in the holy hell is baby Judith STILL alive in Season 5? Those of you who have read the comic book know that baby Judith and Lori meet their demise during the prison raid at the hands of The Governor (although he doesn’t pull the trigger, a Woodbury resident does). However, based on the show, it appears that Judith may just have a sprinkle of the magical immunity dust that protects characters like Daryl Dixon, Rick, and Carl. Continue reading

Spoilers: Comic Character ‘Eric’ to Appear in Episode 11 of Season 5

the-walking-dead-jordan-woods-robinson-ericWarning: casting and character introduction spoilers for The Walking Dead season 5. Turn back now or shield your precious eyeballs!

The Spoiling Dead Fans are at it again; however, this time it’s in regards to a new character fans should expect to see in Episode 11 of The Walking Dead, set to premiere this Sunday night.

As most of you know by now, Aaron (played by Ross Marquand) was introduced during the last few minutes of Episode 10 last week. As we’ve stated before, Aaron will likely assume his comic book role as a recruiter for the Alexandra Safe Zone; recruiting Rick and his group to join their community outside of Washington D.C. Continue reading

Walking Dead Comic Spoilers – Who Are ‘The Wolves’?


Warning: spoilers for The Walking Dead comic book series and potential spoilers for Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Turn back now or forever hold your peace.

Last week’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead alluded to a new group or villain to be introduced into the show relatively soon. As you can imagine, speculations have been flying regarding the identity of this mysterious group; our only clue being the names of our would-be attackers – the ‘wolves’ – spray painted on walls in two different scenes.

Diehard fans of the comic books have been anticipating the arrival of Negan for awhile now. Some are even going as far as suggesting that The Walking Dead producers have renamed ‘The Saviors‘ (Negan’s ragtag group of survivors) to ‘The Wolves’ in order to avoid offending any religious fanatics. Although this is a rather outlandish fan theory, with the current pace of the show, the arrival of Negan likely won’t happen until much later in the series. As discussed on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast, many fans have seemingly forgotten about the other band of survivors the group encounters shortly after their arrival at the Alexandria Safe Zone. Continue reading

Things You May Have Missed in This Week’s Episode of The Walking Dead

Everyone loves a good Easter Egg, and there were plenty of them in Episode 9 – “What Happened and What’s Going On”! There are a number of things you may have missed in last weekend’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. Did you catch all of them? Lets find out!

1. Noah’s Cut Defines Time


In  the beginning of the episode we see Noah crying on the ground with a gash on his forehead. Most fans assumed he was crying for Beth during her funeral.


However, later in the episode we see him climbing through a fence and he cuts his head on a wire. This is supposed to show the viewer that he is actually crying as a result of the events that occurred during the episode, possibly due to the death of Tyreese or the destruction of his hometown. Continue reading

Midseason Premiere Easter Egg a Sign of Things to Come for Glenn?


Warning: major comic book spoilers ahead, as well as midseason premiere spoilers if you haven’t already seen Episode 9 of The Walking Dead. Turn back now or forever hold your peace.

Most of us have come to know and love Robert Kirkman‘s trolling of fans. Any opportunity he has to screw with us, he takes it. If you viewed the Season 5 midseason premiere last night, you may have noticed a slight nod to fans of The Walking Dead comic book series – a scene that would have gone completely unnoticed by viewers not privy to the comic book’s dark story telling. Continue reading