‘Father Gabriel’ Actor Arrested for DUI, Marijuana & Reckless Driving in Peachtree City

seth-gilliam-mug-shotSeth Gilliam (Father Gabriel Stokes) must have been sneaking a few extra sips of the sacramental wine on Sunday night. The Wire alum and current The Walking Dead cast member was arrested in Peachtree City, Georgia on May 3. Gilliam was driving at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour when he was pulled over at approximately 2:12 a.m.

During the traffic stop, officers reported smelling alcohol on Gilliam’s breath and found a doobie inside his cigarette pack. Gilliam registered a blood alcohol reading of .107, and informed officers that he only consumed three beers and one shot of alcohol. Gilliam was charged with speeding, reckless driving, DUI alcohol and misdemeanor marijuana. Continue reading

Elizabeth Rodriguez Cast in Mystery Role for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

elizabeth rodriguez-oitnb

Entertainment Weekly announced today that Orange Is The New Black star Elizabeth Rodriquez will be joining the cast of The Walking Dead spinoff Fear The Walking Dead. Reportedly, Rodriquez has been cast in a “mystery role” that executives are keeping hush-hush. The only known information is that the character will be a series regular, but will not be featured in the pilot episode since the casting announcement comes post-filming.

Rodriquez is most recently known for her role as inmate Aleida Diaz on the Netflix original series Orange Is The New Black. She also had a short stint of the series Grimm.

Fear The Walking Dead is said to be premiering in late summer 2015. The pilot episode is based in Los Angeles, and it has yet to be determined whether the series will move on from that location. Fear The Walking Dead will be set at the initial outbreak of the apocalypse, but will not delve into the origin of the zombie virus. The Walking Dead spinoff has already been green lighted for two seasons – a six episode season in 2015, with a second season set to air in 2016.

Rodriquez joins previously cast Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane, and Alycia Debnam Carey.

First Filming Location Announced for TWD Season 6

Exciting news coming out of Atlanta for fans waiting for the latest spoilers from The Walking Dead set! As we announced last week, filming for Season 6 of The Walking Dead will resume on May 4. Thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans, we now know exactly where the show will be filming first.

the-walking-dead-season-6-filming-letterAccording to a filming letter from Stalwart Film, The Walking Dead will be filming from 7AM-9PM in Meriwether County, Georgia on May 4. The filming will occur at the intersection of Truitt Street and McClain Road. Continue reading

Hulu Acquires Exclusive Rights to ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ & Future AMC Series


While an official premiere date has not yet been publicized, Hulu announced today during its NewFront presentation that they’ve reached a (reportedly expensive) deal with AMC to exclusively stream episodes of The Walking Dead companion series Fear The Walking Dead. The announcement also suggests Hulu acquired all rights to new and upcoming scripted series from AMC, as well as a host of other channels’ programming.

In an official statement from programming chief Craig Erwich, Hulu reveled in their newfound partnership. “FX and AMC are the most important contributors to the new golden age of television. Our competitors have some of their libraries, but we will have all of their future.”

Ouch, harsh words. Talk about calling out Netflix, who made a deal with AMC back in 2011 to bring Mad Men and The Walking Dead to their streaming service. This is the first new AMC show that will not be streamed on Netflix. Netflix still retains rights to The Walking Dead mothership show, as well as Breaking Bad.

According to the agreement, Hulu users will be able to access AMC series prior to each season’s network premiere. What does this mean for us “simple folk” who subscribe to monthly cable packages and not online streaming services? Does this mean we won’t be the first people to view new episodes of Fear The Walking Dead?

What are your thoughts about Hulu’s exclusive claim on all future AMC programming? Are you a Hulu subscriber, and if not, would you be willing to pay for the service to see the episodes early? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Norman Reedus on Death Rumor: ‘That’s Not Even My House’


Fans of The Walking Dead are known for their wild theories. However, when a local Atlanta news site reported that actor Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) was selling his 3-bedroom home, fans automatically assumed this meant he would be killed off the series.

As we already know, Norman Reedus has a massive fan base. And it is hard to blame them for assuming such things since Emily Kinney reportedly sold her Atlanta apartment when she found out she would be leaving The Walking Dead. Speculation has been flying around since March, with theories ranging from Reedus selling the place to avoid crazy fan girls to rumors that he is leaving the show altogether. Continue reading

Andrew Lincoln Likes Idea of ‘The Walking Dead’ Movie, But Would Fans? [POLL]


Whenever a television series gets popular, fans immediately start to speculate whether a movie based on the franchise is in the works. To further propel the stigma, Robert Kirkman’s recent deal with Universal Pictures and Skybound Entertainment isn’t exactly helping the matter. For a series that has essentially “done it all” (e.g. toys, video games, companion series, comic books, novels, etc.), one is left to ask – what’s next?

Is it possible that The Walking Dead could be coming to the big screen sometime in the near future? Only time will tell, but Andrew Lincoln seems to be on board if and when the time comes. In a recent interview with Inquirer, Mr. Grimes himself said, “That would be amazing.” Continue reading

How The Walking Dead Saved Image Comics

walking dead image comics

Let’s assume you’ve never read a single issue of The Walking Dead comic. Then you are probably the only person left on the Internet who doesn’t know that the book’s creative team just received an Eisner Award nomination in the Best Continuing Series category. Kirkman and company are up against some acclaimed competition in Saga (Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples), Southern Bastards (Jason Aaron and Jason Latour), Hawkeye (Matt Fraction, David Aja, & Annie Wu), Bandette (Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover), and Astro City (Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson). With three total nominations in this category alone for Image Comics, including TWD, and a massive 14 overall, are we looking at a resurgence for the publisher?

The Walking Dead Saved Image Comics

When The Walking Dead premiered in October 2003, sales of the first issue topped 7,000, according to Comic Chron. Image’s best-performing title at the time was (yawn) Spawn, which moved a little over 38,000 books and helped Todd McFarlane landscape his new Tuscan villa.

Fast forward to this past month, March 2015, and The Walking Dead 139 sold more than 67,000 books and was Image’s highest-grossing title by far ranking in the top 13 for all comics sold in the country. Math is hard, but from a cursory examination of the numbers, that looks like a smashing success. Add in the book’s previous issue, which dropped the same month and sold another 66,000, and you’re looking at a series that routinely lives in Spiderman and X-Men territory.

Fair Question: Without Robert Kirkman and his trove of ongoing series, does Image even survive after 2010?

Comics First? New Characters for Season 6

As we’ve posted previously, we’re getting some new characters for Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Comics first people won’t have a frame reference for them, and neither will viewers who only watch the show. Conspiracy theories already abound: fake names? Familiar faces? Was it all a dream?

Filming starts in days. Time to get your butts to Georgia.

Image Credits: Conmunity and Geoff Livingston

Two New Recurring Characters Added to S6 of The Walking Dead


According to E! News, two new characters have been added to Season 6 of The Walking Dead. The details are sparse, but according to the source, characters by the name of “Delvin” and “Tucker” will appear early on in the show.

“Delvin,” who is somewhat cynical and sarcastic, does not hold his tongue very often when it comes to dealing with people he deems to be unintelligent. He is not angry; he just thinks people are dumb.

Another character named “Tucker” is described as a hardworking tough guy who values fairness.

Both of these characters will be recurring. As far as we know, no actors have been cast.

At TWDEnthusiasts.com, we usually like to pair the character descriptions with whom we believe these characters represent in the comic book. However, since the descriptions are rather brief and ambiguous, we have not a clue! We are assuming that these will be additional members of the Alexandria Safe Zone, and not necessarily related to The Wolves.

As usual, one can only assume that “Delvin” and “Tucker” are code names, since AMC and The Walking Dead do not like to reveal any major character spoilers to come. It’s also possible that these are completely original characters to the television series, and do not overlap with the comics.

Based on your knowledge of the comics, does anyone in particular come to mind? Sound off with your speculations in the comments section below!

The Walking Dead Season 6 to Begin Filming May 4 in Senoia

the-walking-dead-camera-1024x682News regarding The Walking Dead has been a little quiet since the Season 5 finale in March. However, now that filming is set to start on May 4 for Season 6, fans should expect some decent rumors and spoilers to start surfacing. In a recent article published by Times-Herald.com, details surrounding filming locations for this year have released.

On Monday night, location manager Mike Riley appeared before the city council to present his filming plans for Season 6. Here are the important details of the meeting:

  • Filming will mostly happen within the walls of the Alexandria Safe Zone for Season 6; however, there will be instances where filming needs to take place outside the walls for particular episodes.
  • Depending on certain scenes, there will be a “need to provide safety for our cast and crew and for the general public.” However, Riley was unable to go into any detail about those scenes.
  • An episode is set to be filmed outside of the walls from May 15 to 28
  • Riley requested occasional closures of certain roads, and when prodded for answers he responded, “At some point …something will be happening… there will be action that is involved… it could be stuff that people need to stay away from. I can’t really go into a lot more detail… it will be known when we do it, why we did it.” The council approved this request.
  • Signs requesting homeowners to stop mowing their grass are starting to pop up around the filming locations.

As more filming details become available, we will be sure to update you with all the latest news about Season 6 of The Walking Dead. If you live around that area, feel free to send your pictures to thewalkingdeadenthusiasts@gmail.com and we will get them posted on the website.

Fear The Walking Dead Spinoff Will Not Reveal Zombie Virus Origin


Bad news, zombie fans. If you were hoping to learn more about “Patient Zero” on The Walking Dead spinoff, it is not going to happen. Although ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘ has been dubbed as a prequel of sorts, the show will reportedly not delve into the origins of the zombie virus. Similar to the mothership show, Robert Kirkman stated in a recent interview that he has no plans of diving into what exactly caused the zombie apocalypse.

During a NAB panel alongside AMC President Charlie Collier and actor Steven Yeun (Glenn), Kirkman said that he’s not interested in “fixing” or “learning the cause” of the outbreak, as he finds those story lines to be played out too often. Instead, this show will focus on the struggles of each individual character – sounds a bit like The Walking Dead.

So what exactly will make this show different from the original? Evidently, not much. Kirkman promised that the spinoff “pays homage” to the original while putting its own twist on things. He also teased, “It’s possible that the people that we’re following in the show are maybe a little bit more deadly in certain ways.” What exactly that means? Nobody knows. I’m not sure anyone can get more deadly than Rick Grimes, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

With all the recent details about the companion series emerging, are you looking forward to the spinoff or do you think it might just be more of the same? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.