#56: TWD Comic Quickie – Issue 129 & 130


Welcome back to Comic Quickies! On this episode of TWD Comic Quickie Sebastian and Dennis discuss:

- Issue 129 and 130 of The Walking Dead comic book series:

  • Does Magna fall for Negan’s plea?
  • The new Rick Grimes – do we like him?
  • Do “cliffhangers” usually play out like we expect?
  • Maggie and baby Hershel…wtf?
  • Carl’s new apprenticeship with Earl Sutton
  • Are the walkers…talking?! dun, dun, dun.
  • Beware of Season 5 spoilers for the television series near the end of the episode!

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the walking dead season 4 blu rayAugust 26th will see the release of the 4th season of THE WALKING DEAD on DVD and Blu-ray. The limited edition collectible Blu-ray packaging by McFarlane Toys will include  a tree walker base. The tree walker’s head and arm move when you remove the blu-ray set from the base – say whaaaa! This amazing collectible cast, along with all of Season 4 on Blu-ray, can be yours for about $85 on Amazon.

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  • Studio: ANCHOR BAY
  • DVD Release Date: August 26, 2014
  • Run Time: 696 minutes

Special Features:

  • The Making Of THE WALKING DEAD
  • Drawing Inspiration
  • Hershel
  • The Governor Is Back
  • Society, Science & Survival
  • Inside KNB Studios
  • A Journey Back To Brutality
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Commentaries on Episodes 1, 5, 12 &14
  • Extended Episodes on Episodes 9 & 14

Seth Gilliam Confirmed by AMC as Father Gabriel Stokes in Season 5


As if you needed any more confirmation, AMC has “officially announced” Seth Gilliam will be playing Father Gabriel Stokes in Season 5 of The Walking Dead.

SHOCKER! For all the news pertaining to Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel, check out some of our past coverage:

New Photo of Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel Stokes

Seth Gilliam Dressed as Father Gabriel Spotted on Set

‘Father Gabriel’ Seen on Set Filming Car Chase Scenes

Say Hello To The Alexandria Safe Zone!

Well this is a mega bummer for those of us in the North East who thought The Walking Dead might start filming in Virginia once the storyline moved closer to Washington D.C. It appears that The Walking Dead will continue to film in Georgia, even when the storyline is supposedly taking place in Alexandria, Virginia.

As most fans of The Walking Dead know, Rick and company arrive at The Alexandria Safe Zone after the Hunters (e.g. the cannibals) story arc is complete. The Alexandria Safe-Zone is a few blocks of cleared streets in Alexandria, Virginia, about six miles from Washington, D.C. The area runs on an isolated power grid and was put together by the government in case of a major disaster. There are under 60 residents of the Safe-Zone before Rick Grimes’ group arrived, and with their inclusion there are “over sixty” residents.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, ground is being broken to erect a 15 ft wall around a set of row houses in Senoia, Georgia. Production should start filming around September, and over the course of the next two years.

This means that it’s likely we will see the Alexandria Safe Zone in the second half of Season 5, if everything goes according to plan. It also sounds like the story will be heavily focused around the Safe Zone for at least a couple seasons. It’s likely to stay in the Safe Zone for a period of time, as the comic book is currently set within the Alexandria Safe Zone, as well as surrounding communities.

What are your thoughts regarding the Alexandria Safe Zone showing up in Season 5? Too soon or perfect timing? Sound off with your thoughts below!

Check out the photos of the rumored site for the Alexandria Safe Zone below:

Alexandria Safezone 1 Alexandria Safezone 2 Alexandria Safezone 4 Alexandria Safezone 5 Alexandria Safezone 7 (2) Alexandria Safezone 7 (2) Alexandria Safezone 8

Alexandria Safezone 3











Walking Dead Cast Member Dead? Rumored ‘Death Dinner’ Happening

The Walking Dead Original Cast MembersWe received some intel from our TWD Insider “Sophia’s Babydoll” that a possible Walking Dead ‘death dinner’ may be happening soon! At around 7PM EST, our insider reported that Jon Bernthal (aka Shane Walsh) and Jeffrey DeMunn (aka Dale Horvath) from Season 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead were spotted on set in Atlanta.

As most of you know, ‘death dinners’ are that special event that occurs when one of the main cast members get killed off The Walking Dead. Most of the time, old cast members will return to the set to participate in the festivities. Is it possible that Bernthal and DeMunn are back in town for a death dinner? It would make sense for Bernthal and DeMunn to return only if one of the original cast members that they filmed with was getting killed off the series. At this point, that only leaves Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon), Melissa McBride (Carol), Steven Yeun (Glenn), Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) or Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes). It’s also possible it could be for Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) or Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), but it’s unlikely that they would show up for them.

The only other reasonable explanation is that they’re filming a flashback sequence. We figure this is highly unlikely, as we’re not exactly sure what flashback would be incorporated into Season 5 that would involve both Dale and Shane. Additionally, Jeffrey DeMunn left The Walking Dead on not so great terms – as he requested to be killed off the series after AMC’s falling out with his longtime friend and Season 1/2 show runner Frank Darabont was canned because of “creative differences.”

It’s also possible that they’re there to support other actors who are currently filming. Who knows at this point!

The Walking Dead spoiler site, The Spoiling Dead Fans, are reporting Norman Reedus and possibly Emily Kinney are on set. Evidently Norman and Melissa are both on set and in full costume. If it’s a death scene for Carol or Daryl, it would only be appropriate that they die in each other’s arms – obviously. They also reported a large tarp being hung and informed fans that they would not be able to watching filming this evening.

**UPDATE: Photo of tarp on set from local Jessica Henderson


***UPDATE: The actual death dinner may not actually be occurring tonight, as it sounds like Daryl and Carol are filming this evening.

What are your thoughts? Death dinner or possible flashback scene? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

#55: TWD Comic Quickie – Issue 127 & 128 – A New Beginning


We’re back and it feels so fine! After our interview with Charlie Adlard, we took a few weeks off to let it all sink in (at least that’s the excuse we’re sticking with). But either way, we’ve returned with a full sexual experience for your ears, since this “quickie” goes way over 15 minutes.

A New Beginning flashes The Walking Dead comic book series forward a number of years (possibly 2 but we’re not exactly sure yet). We are introduced to a number of new characters including Magna, a Rick Grimes-esque heroin. So far her group has been welcomed with open arms into Alexandria; however, Magna seems to think there is something more sinister taking place at this new “safe haven.” What impact will Magna have on Alexandria? Many fans are speculating that she may release Negan and wreak havoc on New Alexandria. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below!

On this episode of TWD Comic Quickie Sebastian and Dennis discuss:

- Issue 127 and 128 of The Walking Dead Comic Book Series (A New Beginning):

  • How many years have actually passed since All Out War ended?
  • Analysis of all the new characters introduced in a New Beginning. How will Magna’s group interfere with New Alexandria
  • Is Negan a changed man, or is he just biding his time before he gets revenge?
  • What’s going on with the other main characters we haven’t seen – Maggie, Sophia, Michonne, Ezekiel?
  • Carl’s new father/son relationship with Negan
  • Will Negan get a redemption story?
  • Eugene and Rosita’s relationship dynamics

- The Walking Dead Season 5 Set News and Spoilers (BEWARE!!)

- The Walking Dead Spin Off Series

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- The Leftovers – new series on HBO by Damon Lindelof which follows the stories of a few characters after 2% of the population mysteriously disappears. Think…LOST!

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In case you missed it: TWD Comic Quickie Interview with The Walking Dead Artist Charlie Adlard

13 Hour Horror Themed Camping Experience Immerses Campers in Live Horror Story

terror-trails-reaper-entertainmentHave you ever wanted to act out your favorite horror movie (we all have our own zombie preparation plans, duh)? Didn’t you always find it dumb when a scared victim is running away from a psycho killer, not looking in front of them, and accidently trip and fall, thus meeting their demise? Think you are better suited to survive a horror film? Of course you do! Well…now is your chance to prove it.

Saturday, July 12th 2014 will usher in a new era of haunted attraction in the New England area, with Reaper House Entertainment’s Terror Trails experience.  Terror Trails is a 13 hour horror themed overnight camping experience which immerses participants in a live horror story.

Here, terror comes in many forms.  Whether you’re performing a native ritual alone in the woods, escaping a band of marauders, or simply closing your eyes to rest, every camper will face the terrors that lurk in the darkness, at some point throughout the night.

Sounds a bit like Cabin in the Woods…

At Terror Trails, campers will be greeted with a buffet style BBQ dinner (Terminus, anyone?), followed by a seemingly harmless, traditional scary campfire story.  However, at Terror Trails, nothing is harmless.  As the campers listen to the story, the story will suddenly come to life around them, setting the outdoor stage for the evening to come.  Campers will then be separated into groups to complete a series of dares, challenges, and missions—but watch out!  The woods are known to be infested with all sorts of spirits and creatures from the netherworld.  The terror will continue into the dark of the night, however, Terror Trails will ensure sufficient time for participants to sleep.  Terror Trails will conclude at nine o’clock in the morning, after breakfast.

Participation in any portion of the night’s activities is NOT mandatory.  However, those who elect to just hang out around the campfire and watch the latest horror movie will still be subject to random startles and scares.

Tickets to Terror Trails are available at www.reaperhaunt.com and are on sale now.  Space is limited and based upon availability.  Persons under 18 years of age will not be admitted. Ticket price is $140 per person and includes: one night’s accommodation, dinner, continental breakfast, parking, the unique Terror Trails experience, and horror movies.  Items NOT included: sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, and drinks (other than what is provided with meals).  Group pricing, as well at tent and cabin accommodations are available.

As a fan of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast and TWDEnthusiasts.com, Reaper House Entertainment is proud to offer $5 off ticket prices by using the code TWDEGUEST at check-out. Come out and meet Sebastian from The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast, who will be participating in the event!

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Remember to use discount code TWDEGUEST at check-out to get $5 off your ticket price. Come alone or bring a group of friends. This horror themed event is sure to please fans of the horror genre.

The Walking Dead: Glenn Isn’t Dead? We Told You So!

Remember all those Glenn death rumors floating around awhile back? Well, it turns out they weren’t true. A few weeks ago, rumors were circling by The Spoiling Dead Fans that Glenn (Steven Yeun) had shot his death scene – which started a media frenzy. We, at TWD Enthusiasts, had received intel from our own insider familiar with the show’s filming schedule that this was 100% not true.

Steven Yeun has been scene on set, in costume and filming since these rumors starting circling. So they’re either filming Season 5 out of order (which rarely happens), or Glenn didn’t actually film his death scene.

Rumors are a dirty, nasty thing. ;)

You can check out the photos of Glenn on set courtesy of The Spoiling Dead Fans:



New Photo of Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel Stokes

We just received this sweet photo from the set of The Walking Dead showing Seth Gilliam dressed in full priest attire. This is likely the best photo we’ve seen of Gilliam dressed as Father Gabriel Stokes for his upcoming role in Season 5 of The Walking Dead.

As many of you already know, Gilliam was rumored to be playing Father Gabriel in this upcoming season, after Beth Greene was mysteriously kidnapped by a car donning a white cross. Fans quickly speculated that Father Gabriel would be introduced into Season 5 of the show and were patiently awaiting photos to confirm this. Well, your confirmation is below:


[photo courtesy of Alexander C.]

Woah, bad ass smoking priest. We’re stoked! Gilliam looks like he is going to play the role perfectly. Check out his comic book counterpart below:


Some lucky fans fortunate enough to be on the set last night got to meet Seth, aka Father Gabriel Stokes. Check out the photo below:


[photo courtesy of Austin Cotner]

What do you think Father Gabriel will bring to the show? Will he play the friendly priest, or do you think he could have darker motives? Sound off in the comments section below!

Was Glenn Killed Off The Walking Dead? Sources Say “NO”

News has been circulating through The Walking Dead universe today regarding the possible death of a main cast member last night.

Our personal insider is reporting that Andrew Lincoln has been “keeping to himself and has been seen looking contemplative and listening to music (on set). I’ve heard he does that when he needs to get into the mood of an emotional scene.”


[photo credited to Alexander C.]

Rumors are being spread by The Spoiling Dead Fans that Glenn met his demise during filming last night. This rumor was further propelled by a tweet from Alanna Masterson (aka Tara) stating “When Someone Great is Gone.”

We have information from our own reliable source on the ground in Georgia stating this rumor is 100% NOT TRUE. Our insider, who is familiar with the filming schedule, confirmed that Glenn has not been killed off at this point in filming.

Personally, I don’t think an actor on the show would tweet out something like that, especially since they know millions of fans are watching their accounts (as well as AMC and The Walking Dead). And we all know Seth Gilliam probably got a slap on the wrist for posting some recent instagram pictures.

Alanna’s tweet went out around between 10:30 AM and 1PM eastern yesterday and Steven was still filming and taking photos with fans well into the night. It’s also tradition that the main cast often support each other in tough scenes and deaths – Norman, Melissa, Chandler and Chad were all MIA from filming and the location in general yesterday.

UPDATE: It was reported that Michael Rooker was in Georgia last night. It’s been speculated that he was there to participate in Glenn’s “death dinner.” However, it has been confirmed that Rooker and Norman Reedus went out to dinner together last night alone, and that Rooker is in town for a convention.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with any additional news as it becomes available.